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A review of the best kids sleep meditations

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Most of us know the incredible benefits of meditation for adults. It reduces stress, controls anxiety, calms the nervous system, enhances brain productivity and on the list goes. But are your kids also in on the action? In our fast paced and high tech society we are living in, it is important now more than ever that our children are learning the skills and habits to deal with stress and anxiety. Meditation is easy, free AND arguably one of the best skills they can learn for a stress free and emotionally healthy life.

One of the best ways to get started is to put on a bed time meditation, designed specifically to help children get to sleep. My kids fall asleep every night to a bed time meditation and no matter where we go, as long as we have a phone, they can still enjoy their bedtime routine.

But where do you go to find kids meditations and how do you know which one is best? I have reviewed 4 of the most popular kids sleep meditation apps so you can find the perfect fit for your family.

1. New Horizons

New Horizons is a You Tube channel that has meditations for both kids and adults. It is a UK based channel and they add new videos often. What I like about New Horizons is their meditation stories go for around 20-30 minutes, which I find is long enough for it to work it's magic and get my kids to sleep. They also have 8 hour videos where the first 10 minutes is a story and then the next 7 hours and 50 minutes is relaxing music. This is great to be able to set and forget.


- Meditation stories are not too short, around 20-30 mins

- Optional 8 hour videos

- The same lady narrates them all so the kids like the consistency and don't have to worry about 'not liking their voice'!

- They choose story topics that kids LOVE think fairies, pirates, unicorns, hot air balloons etc

- Each story starts in the same way, with breathing and relaxation exercises which is a great habit for them to learn

- They have just released a new app so you don't need to use You Tube


- I can't fault New Horizons, we love them!

2. Happy Minds

Happy Minds is also a You Tube channel and this one is Australian based. It too has the same lady narrating all the meditations so this is great for consistency and knowing what to expect. Happy Minds also has some bonus resources such as 5 minute body scans, breathing techniques and short gratitude mindfulness exercises. This is another favourite in our house.


- Australian made and narrated

- The same narrator for all meditations

- Kid friendly topics and stories

- 30-40 minute videos with some 1-2 hour videos for those kids who need a little longer

- Extra short resource videos that are great for kids to utilise

CONS: - There is no app so you will need to use You Tube

3. Mindful Kids

(267) Mindful Kids - YouTube

Mindful Kids is a You Tube channel that only has meditation music, not stories. The tracks can be used for both adults and kids and range from 2-10 hours in length, so you can put them on and leave them. If you scroll right to the end of their videos there are 3 short videos with positive affirmations narrated.


- Great for babies or kids who get distracted by narrations

- Really beneficial to also use during the day to create a calming environment, even when the kids are awake

- Adults can use these videos also


- No stories or guided meditations

- No app, you will need You Tube

4. Moshi Kids

(267) Moshi Kids: Sleep & Mindfulness - YouTube

Moshi Kids is a UK based app and You Tube channel that has a huge range of different videos. They have a website and an online community with heaps of mindfulness resources.


- Lots of variety on this channel. There are lullabies, stories, craft activities, breathing exercises and more

- There are a few different narrators so this can be good for the kids who like variety

- 1 stop shop for mindfulness exercises so a great place to start


- You need to pay for the app. $4.99 per month or $59.99 per year (however you can use it free on You Tube)

- Due to the large amount of resources on the channel, it takes a bit of scrolling and searching to find what you are looking for

- There is singing throughout the bed time stories, which my kids find distracting

- There are two different narrators so I find I need to have a listen first to see who it's going to be (my kids are very picky with who reads them a story!)

We are so lucky to have so many free resources these days to help our kids with their fears and worries. I recommend any of the above resources as they all have amazing benefits, but if I had to choose one it would be New Horizons. My kids love their bed time stories and they like the consistency of how they all start in the same way and use the same narrator.

Let me know if you try any of these or if you love any others!

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