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A Simple, Quick and Effective Technique for Reducing Stress that Even Children can do!

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Quick and easy calming technique to teach kids

Young or old, rich or poor, anxiety is on the rise and you would be hard pressed to find someone that has never experienced anxiety in some form. For me, I experience anxiety if I am running late, especially if I am meeting someone else. My chest gets tight, I get agitated and snappy and my palms get sweaty. Anxiety is a normal response to stress, and isn’t always a bad thing. However when it gets to be uncontrollable or excessive to the point where it affects quality of life, it’s a sign that professional help may be needed.

7 years ago I was taught how to meditate by an extremely experienced meditation teacher named Kelvin Chin. He also taught me a very quick and effective strategy that can be used anywhere, anytime, with anyone (usually 4 years or older) that has immediate results. Below I have shared the technique with you.

Belly Button Technique

This technique is very simple, yet powerful. It’s been taught to kids as young as 4, as well as teens, adults, seniors and everyone in between. Here's how it goes:

  • Simply put your hand on your belly button, and take 6-8-10 deep breaths.

Eyes open or eyes closed, it doesn’t matter. The technique grounds you, centres you, calms you. It is a temporary fix, but it works. It’s practical because it can be done in public places, during school, at work, on the train, in a café, during a stressful meeting…absolutely anywhere. And the best part is, NO ONE knows you are doing it. You can do this technique, standing, sitting, lying or in any position that makes you comfortable.

"Teach your kids and the next time they are feeling anxious, stressed or worried they will have this tool they can call on to use".

Have a read of some stories Kel shared with me about how this technique has worked for his clients.

“I’ve recently taught it to a 10-year old who had severe stage fright (crying as he left the house to go to the theatre) right before his final performance at theatre camp. He did it while he was waiting to go on stage and he told me afterwards it calmed him down.”

“I just taught this technique 2 days ago to a 30yo who called me from his car in the hospital parking lot, about to admit himself to ER due to his severe panic attack at midnight. I talked him through this technique and it calmed him down. He told me afterwards that he never went in, just drove home and slept fine.”

asian american man Kelvin Chin in blue shirt
Kelvin Chin, Meditation Teacher

The great thing about this technique is that once you’ve learnt it, you always have it in your emotional tool kit. So teach your kids and the next time they are feeling anxious, stressed or worried they will have this tool they can call on to use!

If you'd like to read more about the biological and physiological effects of this technique, click here

I hope this helps you or anyone you know. I’d love to hear if you try it or if you have any other techniques that work for you!

Angelique x

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