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Crop tops and ears pierced

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Crop tops for tween girls

The last few weeks have seen some huge parenting milestones and firsts for me. Instead of singlets I reached for the crop tops. How did I get here so quickly? It's so cliché and you never really believe it but gosh they grow up fast.

"She chose me. Me."

I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing. Did my first born even want crop tops? Would she think they were too old?

Do I think they're too old?

I left them on her bed for her to discover and I was met with a huge hug and 'thanks mum. Now it doesn't hurt when I jump on the trampoline'.

How did I not know this?!

After coming to terms with this new development, my first born then asked me, 'mum, can I get my ears pierced?' And while there was hesitation in my heart to slow her down and hold onto my little girl a little longer I said, 'sure'. We took her to our local tattoo parlour that came highly recommend by our local facebook community group (is any parenting decision ever made without consulting your local FB community page?!) and she was told she could bring one person in the room with her.

She chose me.


And while sitting on the chair nervously awaiting what was about to happen she asked to hold my hand. And in that moment, I could still see my little girl was still here....just with some shiny new ears ✨️

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